Hormonal Imbalance

woman taking one of the two pills that she has on her left hand

It's Time to Get in Balance

Do you think you have a hormone imbalance? Are you pre or postmenopausal and suffering from associated symptoms? We can help. Dr. Mattie Scott-Phillips employs specialized hormone testing to assess your hormonal health and determine what type of hormonal imbalance you are experiencing (estrogen, progesterone or androgen imbalance) and the root cause. From there, she’ll work with you to find the right treatment for your condition including hormonal and non-hormonal options. Many times, hormonal imbalance treatment is much simpler than many women have imagined.

Many women live with symptoms every day that are signs of hormonal imbalance, some of the most common include:

    Depression & Anxiety
    Difficulty Sleeping
    Hair Thinning & Loss
    Hot Flashes
    Infertility & Irregular Periods
    Lack of Energy & Fatigue
    Low Libido
    Reduced Mental Clarity/focus
    Unexplained Weight Gain/Loss
    Vaginal Dryness



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