DYSIS Colposcopy

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Computer-Aided Cervical Mapping

Computer-aided cervical mapping is an innovative technology that creates the data to help healthcare professionals detect cervical lesions more clearly. Using a DYSIS Colposcope, healthcare professionals perform a standard colposcopic examination while the DYSIS proprietary software quantifies acetowhitening changes objectively, to then display the color-coded DYSISmap™.

Grand Blanc Obstetrics & Gynecology offers DYSIS Colposcopy

The purpose of a colposcopy is to look for cervical precancers and rule out cervical cancer, so having a colposcopy exam can give you peace of mind that everything is okay. Schedule your exam as soon as you can.

Colposcopy is an examination of your cervix using a colposcope, which is a special microscope with a light. Your provider will apply a vinegar solution and possibly iodine to your cervix to help visually identify any areas of abnormal cells. The abnormal cells appear white. The provider will also look for blood vessels and other changes that may appear abnormal. If necessary, your provider may take a biopsy to send to a lab for further analysis.

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How Does The DYSISmap Help?

The DYSISmap highlights the areas of the cervix having the strongest whitening. This helps your provider select the most appropriate area(s) to biopsy, which can help detect pre-cancers early when they are the most treatable.

The DYSISmap helps you be better informed about your health. Be sure to ask your provider for a copy of your patient report for your records. This can also be stored in your clinic’s electronic health records



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